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3D laser welding system for processing complex components in the cleanroom

This was the job:
Design and construction of a laser welding system for three-dimensional processing of complex customer components in the cleanroom of RJ Lasertechnik GmbH. In a 3-D machining area of 400 x 400 x 400 mm, it should be possible to approach every machining point in every spatial angle. Laser welds should be pulsed and carried out continuously.


This is how we solved it:
A pulsed QCW fibre laser with 150 W average power and 1500 pulse power as well as good beam quality (200 µm multimode optical fibre) was selected as the laser source. The heat conduction welds achieved in this way connect sensitive components from medical and semiconductor technology gently in a vacuum-tight manner. The entire system was made of stainless steel in order to meet the purity requirements in the cleanroom.

The necessary dynamics are achieved with linear drives and torque motors in the axis drives. The 5-axis tool paths calculated by the top-level Fanuc CNC control are generated from the 3D data records of the customer components and implemented in MasterCAM. In 2 ½ D operation, the possible processing space is even 600 x 800 x 400 mm. A maximum path accuracy deviation of 20 µm can be achieved in the application.

The granite machine portal prevents any vibrations from the machine or the building. The fully air-conditioned and dust-free atmosphere in the processing room guarantees absolutely constant welding quality, around the clock and all year round.

The result:
A 3D laser welding system specially built for cleanroom use is certainly a novelty that is rarely found in the range of services.

High-quality surfaces, state-of-the-art drive and laser technology. Three-dimensional.
Linear motor drive, QCW fibre laser, granite and CNC technology from the market leader.

Own system:
RJ Lasertechnik

RJ Lasertechnik

3D laser welding system for processing complex components


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